In partnership with The Investor's Caddie, Inc we have created a systematic process highlighted below to create a unique accountability to our clients. 



We are the only firm to provide this type of feedback in conjunction with the growth processes associated with other services in our network like:

  • Flashpoint and Flashpoint Productions
        • All American Design and Furnishings
        • Private Capital Corporation
        • Crestcom International
        • Succession Capital Alliance
        • Professional Retirement Systems
        • Storehouse Financial
        • College Planning Solutions
        • Isometrics
        • Kinder Brothers
        • Advanced Business Concepts
        • Winchester McGee Financial

And an endless list of consulting professionals, accountancy and legal firms and nationwide

Three critical differentiations gained from our experience that will assist you in achieving your financial goals are as follows:

An in-depth analysis into the needs and vision of the companies and individuals we advise. This places us on the 'same side of the table' with you when it comes to manager and investment review/returns.  We are able to act in an unbiased manner to best represent and guide you. (Interestingly, we open the issues with individuals using 'The Investor's Caddie' booklet as a guide and later use the same guide with employees in their companies on an individual and group basis, should that be appropriate.  It further feeds directly into my other six “intellectual property” presentations, should more depth be required.)
Adherence to an Investment Policy we develop and manage together to be accountable to benchmarks we establish together (It is imperative that one is comfortable with the time horizons and risk levels associated with this guideline).  We target a 2% greater return above established benchmarks after fees, and work closely with clients on that basis. This is our formula, and it is successful. We are successful and we grow the business through direct referrals.
Development an adherence to a legacy strategy for individuals and companies.  This unique format addresses succession issues as they relate to a) preserving the estate for future generations, b) addressing charitable concerns and c) minimizing the tax consequences associated with the transfer of interests. This formula is a “must have blueprint” for successful outcomes in business and estate management.

Recent Solutions

*A 25% reduction in group disability premiums for a large law firm.
*Securing $30,000 in increased financial aid for a college student and his family
*Creation of a an estate legacy for a retired executive and his family
*Creation of an ESOP and transition plan for a third generation, successful business
*Financing of life insurance premiums with a Fortune 9 company in order to retain capital to the organization for business expansion. 
Since 1975 John has dedicated his efforts to serving the financial needs of               corporations, associations and affluent individuals. By utilizing the financial strength and resources of MassMutual, over the years John has used his specialized skills to assist businesses in several key areas.

Business Succession Planning

Liquidate, Sell or Keep? What is your current succession plan? Is it the one you want? Currently, less than 30% of family businesses survive to the second generation. We can help to ensure your business transition goals are reached.

Key Employee Protection & Executive Benefit Programs

Does your business depend on the activity of a key employee? What effect would the loss of that employee have on your bottom line? We can help protect you and your business from such a loss.
Would your business benefit from the security of specialized benefits tailored to reward and retain key employees? We can help you develop programs designed to keep key personnel and reward them for long term service.

Employee Benefit Programs

Are your employee benefit programs tailored to meet your business needs? Do you maximize available contributions and tax deductions within a qualified retirement plan? We can design, implement and service cost-efficient programs designed around your business.

Special Concerns for the Business Owner

What role does your business play in your personal financial plan? What does your business mean to your family’s immediate and future financial needs? We can help you ensure that unforeseen events don’t adversely affect your current financial plans and future retirement goals.

About Our Company:

Since 1969 John B. Kelly, CFP, has built an organization devoted to the creation, preservation and management of wealth.  Using a team approach he has networked with the premier providers of services and strategies.

In 1981, John created The Institute for Success, (IFS) based on the needs of his clients for a balanced and broad approach to financial and lifestyle consultation.  He is the only financial professional, in the Northern California Region, with a background in corporate, governmental and personal wealth management.

His success with corporations, associations and individuals has set him apart from others seeking to broaden their services to meet complex needs and concerns.  With an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the business community, John has been successful in assisting business leaders achieve their dreams.  His vision is contagious and his relationships have multiplied as a result.

In 1996, he created “The Investor's Caddie” a guide to the accumulation and preservation of wealth.  This educational piece has served as a vital resource for thousands of participants in gaining an understanding of the secrets for financial success.  As a highly sought after speaker, John has been able to share his insights for increasing revenues, cost containment, motivation and stress reduction to thousands internationally.
Throughout the growth of IFS, there has been a demonstrated commitment to education as the key investment for successful growth.  The core values practiced by John and his staff have been the basis for their long term success.


The Institute For Success has developed services consistant with client demands. We take a forward thinking perspective in regard to technology and marketing development for companies.

Regarding personal finances, the current generation of retirees requires services unique to past generations. We are cautious and respectful of these needs and have secrured products, services and designs consistant withour clients desires for safety and predictability.

Accumulation and protection of assets also requires special attention in this age of rapid growth and change. Our services are uniquely profiled to plan for and anticipate those requirements.

Thes services include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset Management

  • Asset Protection

  • Estate Planning

  • Planned Giving

  • Executive Benefit Planning & Implementation

  • Health, Medical and Disability

  • Pre Retirement Planning and Coaching

  • College Planning and Financial Aid Advocay

  • Pension Planning and Design

  • Online Training For Management Training and Sales Development

  • Technology Design and Management

  • Lifestyle Planning and Assistance